In The City Studies

Students from the Architecture and Industrial Design tracks will take In the City Studies together. This class surveys the built environment of New York City through walking. Extended walks, as well as specific site visits, are organized around the notion that the social aspirations and political implications of any urban intervention need to be positioned within a historical context. As a means to address this complexity of relationships embedded in the ongoing urbanization of New York, the class will focus on the Manhattan grid and its topographic, commercial, and infrastructural inflections. Walks and site visits will offer a means for informing the design studio through “fieldwork.” The class will engage the physical realm of the city, the techniques for its representation and analysis, and the formal and spatial terms for its discussion. Films, texts, and exhibitions will offer a cultural context for representing the city. Program talks and invited talks will elaborate on the role of design and the design professions in the contemporary city.

Course Materials

Syllabus- In the City 2016

Sign-up Sheets for In the City SITES:

*Please login to your New School account to access the sign-up sheets. 

Wednesday, 6/29/2016 – RIVER

Wednesday, 7/6/2016 (adternoon) – MUSEUM

Tuesday, 7/12/2016 – OFFICE

Tuesday, 7/19/2016- WASTE

Wednesday, 7/20/2016- RETREAT

Required Readings:

6/29/2016- Transparent Cities

7/01/2016- Kevin Lynch, “The City Image and its Elements,” The Image and the City (1960) pp 46-90

Maps for In the City WALKS:

*Walks are organized by ITC section; to check your section, click here:

6/29/2016- River-crossings

Commerce (no sign-up required)

Habitat (no sign-up required)

Infrastructure (no sign-up required)

Topography (no sign-up required)

Water (no sign-up required)

Recommended Readings for WALKS:

Commerce- May Joseph, “Frugality and Urban Life” in Brian McGrath, ed., Urban Design Ecologies (2013) pp. 212-219

Habitat- HABITAT_marcuse_layered_city

Infrastructure- INFRASTRUCTURE_gandy_technological_modernism

Topography- TOPOGRAPHY_sanderson_fundamentals_of_mannahatta

Water- WATER_squires-bone_the_beautiful_lake

Recommended Readings for SITES:

Model- MODEL_lynch_city_image&its_elements


Office- OFFICE_kubo_concept_of_the_architectural_corporation


River- RIVER_steinberg_exploding_metropolis

Waste- WASTE_rogers_rubbish_past


Skyscraper Museum- Manhattan Timeformations (Brian McGrath)

New York City Municipal Archives Online Gallery

New York Public Library Digital Gallery

Museum of the City of New York: Randal Farm Maps (1818-1820)

Skyscraper Museum: Empire State Building/World Trade Center Construction Photos

Books on Reserve at Parsons University Center Library:

Hillary Ballon. The Greatest Grid: the master plan of Manhattan (HT168.N5 G73 2012)

Paul E. Cohen and Robert T. Augustyn. Manhattan in Maps (G1254.N42S1 .C6 1997)

Rem Koolhaas. Delirious New York  (NA735.N5 K66 1994)

Eric Sanderson. Mannahatta (QH105.N7 S26 2009)

I.N. Phelps Stokes. The Iconography of Manhattan Island, 1498-1909 (F128.3 .S856 1967 v.1-6)




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