Design Studio

Course Materials

SyllabusDesign Studio 2016


6/30/2016, Alexis Kraft, Keena Suh and Jonathan Scelsa- Precedent Lecture slides

7/8/2016, Jonathan Scelsa- Program + Diagram Lecture slides

7/21/2016, Keena Suh- Light and Space

7/25/2016, Alexis Kraft- Materiality

Assignments (listed by due date):

Monday, 6/27/2016 (pinned up by 3:30pm)- Assignment 0

Tuesday, 7/5/2016- Assignment 1a & 1b- Assignment 1

Friday, 7/8/2016- Assignment 2a – Assignment 2

Wednesday, 7/13/216- Assignment 2b

Friday, 7/15/2016- Assignment 3a- Assignment 3

Friday, 7/15/2016 – MID REVIEW

  • (pinned up before 9:30am)

Friday, 7/22/2016- Assignment 3b

Tuesday, 7/26/2016- Assignment 4


Thursday, 7/28/2016- FINAL REVIEW, Final Review Requirements

  • (pinned up before 9:30am)

Friday, 7/29/2016- EXHIBITION

Suggested Reading:

Draw with your Knife : Timothy Matthew Collins

An Architecture of the Seven Senses : Juhani Pallasmaa


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