About SSCE

The Summer Program in Constructed Environments is a five-week program for current college students and college graduates of any age interested in preparing for advanced studies in architecture, the architectural interior, and industrial design.

This rigorous studio-based program immerses students in spatial and experiential design studies, including modes of design exploration and proposition, methods of design research along with contextual design history and theory, and introductions to hand and digital representation and making. Students pursue the realization of a design proposal of a project of graduate design admissions quality.


The program’s comprehensive curriculum is designed to prepare applicants for admission to professional degree programs (MArch, MFA in Interior Design, MFA Lighting Design, MFA in Industrial Design) at Parsons and other competitive graduate schools.

In this full-day program, students attend three-hour sessions each morning that alternate drawing, digital representation, and fabrication skills with topics that explore the history and theory of design practice in New York City. Students attend three-hour afternoon sessions working with the faculty on development and refinement of design propositions. In the program, New York City and its greater region, and the experiences of people within it,  serve as a context for understanding designers’ expansive roles in the made environment, across scales and types of making from the architectural and interior, to product manufacture.

Parsons is located close to the Architecture Center, the Museum of Modern Art, the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, the Storefront for Art and Architecture, and the Chelsea art gallery district. Site visits to these institutions, as well as to local design offices are an important part of the curriculum. Students participate in weekly site visits or walking tours of significant sites in New York City.


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